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3 Ways CSPs Can Use Video Marketing to Engage Subscribers

July 10, 2018

In 1979, The Buggles claimed that video killed the radio star. Nearly 40 years later, the internet has made video the star. YouTube states that one billion hours of video are watched daily on their platform! For over 100 years, moving pictures have been an important part of how society gets their information, news and entertainment. While the delivery has changed significantly, the data shows that video consumption is only increasing. With the advancements of technology and improvements in broadband service, video marketing is a must-have component for any communications service provider (CSP).

The primary function of a cable TV operator, internet service provider or telephone company is to deliver video or internet or both to residents and businesses. Understanding the power of these services is inherent in operating this type of business. Now it’s time to put them to work for your own purposes. Here are three ways a CSP can leverage video content to communicate your own message.

Short, Simple Updates

Anyone can become a video producer today. It only takes a smartphone and an internet connection and thousands if not millions of potential viewers can instantly begin watching. You don’t have to become a full-fledged production house to make quality videos. Your smartphone can suffice for simple videos that are 5 minutes or shorter. You can even do basic editing through apps like iMovie or VidTrim. You may want to invest a few dollars on a tripod with a smartphone adapter to insure you end up with a stable shot.

Production Tip: Lighting is an important element of good video production. Natural light works great. Make sure that the light is facing the person on camera and not behind them.

Get in front of the camera! It has been proven that people are hardwired to respond to human faces. Video is the best way to communicate on a personal level to many at one time. Some people are nervous about being recorded. The key is to be as natural as possible and use some inflection in your voice! No monotone, please!

Video Marketing Ideas:

  • Inform your subscribers about new products
  • Announce system upgrades or special offers
  • Document an event you are participating in

How To Video Marketing

YouTube is the second most used search engine and the “how to” variety is one of the most popular types of videos. Most of us have used the video streaming giant to find out how to do just about anything. This is the age of the DIY. If we don’t know how, we know who can. The internet!  In 2015, YouTube reported that 100 million hours of how to videos were watched in a 5 month span.

The benefit of the “how to” video is two-fold. First, you are providing real value to your subscribers by helping them understand how to do something. Secondarily, you can increase your online visibility through YouTube and Google. YouTube is a Google property and a video that explains “how to program [XYZ] tv remote” can rank very high in the search engine. A step by step explainer video can be a powerful marketing tool.

Video Marketing Ideas:

  • How to program a DVR
  • How to connect the Wifi
  • How to use a landline phone (kidding … sort of)

Go Live!

Going live is no longer vernacular only used by the local news broadcast. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have made it as simple as pushing a button for users to connect with a live audience. Facebook states that 78% of their users watch live stream videos – and they spend 3x more time watching them, and comment over 10x more during live videos!

A live video is less formal and structured. No editing is required and scripting is optional. Viewers do not expect high production value other than a clear picture. As proven by Facebook, these videos can be longer and still get great engagement. The key with live video and all video is the content. Does it inform, engage and/or entertain?

Video Marketing Ideas:

  • Tour the office/facilities
  • TV show reviews and reactions
  • Behind the scenes operations

That’s a Wrap!

Streaming video is expected to account for as much as 82% of internet traffic by 2020! It should not be an afterthought in how you communicate with your customers. It’s clearly in the forethought of the majority of internet users. It does not take a huge monetary investment to produce videos, but it will take time. If done correctly, it can provide real benefit to your operation and your subscribers.

An investment of time is definitely needed to pull off video marketing. If time is something you are short of, that is why BNDWDTH exists. If you have questions about leveraging video for your CSP talk to us. Sign up for a no obligation discovery call. We’d love to help you increase your market capacity.

BONUS! Watch Below for Another Video Marketing Tip

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